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NEW : Ultra Low Enclosure NOVEBA

Discover our new concept of a low telescopic pool enclosure with lateral louvers ...

NEW NOVEBA 2014 !AQUA Telescopic is pleased to present its new very low telescopic pool enclosure NOVEBA. Extremely quiet and easy to handle, NOVEBA : the best cover for your pool.

Boasting the latest technological innovations, it features side aluminum profiles that can rotate independently to ensure excellent ventilation inside the enclosure. The enclosure is manufactured in a Grey RAL 7046 satin colour, which blends easily into the environment.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and take advantage of our introductory offer!

- Main structure in Qualicoat & Qualimarine powder coated Aluminium.
- Standard colour in grey RAL 7046 satin
- 10mm Polycarbonate roof, Twin Wall and UV stabilised inside and out.
- Exterior front and rear in 4mm PMMA thick Perspex
- Guidance from one element to another with a patented ball bearing
- Wheels 96 mm mounted on stainless steel clevis and ball bearings
- Pivoting shutters on the side of all elements except for the smaller walls.

Optional Extras,
- The large façade may be removed in two parts.
- The roof of the enclosure can be a transparent material (compact UV protected polycarbonate).

First picture shows Open vents.
Noveba - Shows side window opened
Second picture shows vents closed.
Noveba window is closed

News! Pool and Spa Aqua telescopic Pool Enclosures on display

Fairs and Exhibitions: Please come and see us!

This year, the CAP Company - SHELTERS VENUS INTERNATIONAL will be exhibiting at many fairs.
Visitors can appreciate the quality of finish and operation of the models on display.

Fairs and Exhibitions coming to the end of the year:

- Lounge by the pool and spa Paris (from 8 to 16 December). We will be exhibiting our new low enclosure including NOVEBA. In addition, a permanent Enclosure style with sliding roof will be displayed on our stand. We hope you can come and visit us! A high enclosure will also be displayed: it will be the OLYMPIA profile CP2 in light grey. For those who are interested in self-cleaning glass will see this unit with side panels exhibiting this glazing: Its a brilliant concept and for those worried about maintenance will give them the peace of mind with this option of glazing!

Open shelters and exposure Offenburg, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Dortmund.

Why choose an algarve Aqua telescopic pool enclosure?

This is why...

• The price and quality is excellent.

• We have established ourselves as leaders in the industry of swimming pool enclosures in the UK.

• Our swimming pool enclosures are of superior quality. The sides are in toughened safety glass for maximum transparency and durability. With glass the enclosure is less likely to scratch, distort and will easily de-mist once ventilated.

• Our swimming pool enclosures do not require tracks or ground rails on the floor (unless the paving dictate they are required). This is a great feature once the enclosure is pushed back. With no rails to encumber your paved area around the pool there will be nothing to stubb toes on or collect dirt and debris - infact a beautiful clear area to enjoy on a warm summers day. Family gatherings or parties can reap you the full benefit of an open space when the weather is good enough to push the enclosure back off the pool - leaving no rails to step over. The special patented guiding mechansim built beneath each element permits the enclosure to guide with ease over even riven paving.

• We take care of everything: from taking initial dimensions - through installation - including detailed specifications and drawings. There is no sub-contracting with SUMMIT LEISURE. We can even produce drawings if needed and submit a planning application should it be required.

• We offer a wide range of swimming pool enclosures to suit most peoples preferred style and budget: low swimming pool enclosures, medium height enclosures, high pool enclosures, commercial enclosures; retractable and static buildings. Bespoke design, lean-to and sliding roof...

• We are able to comply with the building standards for swimming pool enclosures.

Our Enclosures are all manufactured in France in a high-tech factory.

We hope that you will become an Algarve Aqua Telescopic customer because we believe our swimming pool enclosures are the best solution offered within the UK market today. The enclosure will ensure maximum enjoyment of your swimming pool throughout the entire year. Call to speak to one of our helpful professional and dedicated team on 0800 216110. Or email us on office@summitleisure.co.uk and we will answer any questions you may have.

Video clip showing a few features on the Aqua telescopic Pool Enclosures.

How do I use a Aquatelescopic Pool Enclosure? Openings, Closings, Doors ...

A Clip showing the opening and manual closing of a low Ondine 5 angle telescopic pool enclosure: only 1 person is required to move it!

The Algarve Aqua Telescopic Swimming Pool & Spa Enclosures

If you are looking for a swimming pool enclosure of high quality at a competitive price ,

Summit Leisures Algarve Aqua Telescopic Enclosures offer a wide range of swimming pool and spa enclosures and are manufactured in a marine grade powder coated aluminium and glazed with toughened safety glass yet are competitively priced. In addition, Algarve Aqua Telescopic Enclosures can be opened easily and without the use of tools. They also have the facility to unlink 2 elements so they can move apart - leaving two fixed ends. No ground rails or tracks are required for any of our enclosures. Unless your paving dictate they are required.

Whether you are looking to purchase a swimming pool or spa enclosure a range of shapes are available.

If a standard swimming pool or spa enclosure does not fit - the height can be adapted to suit.

Any size swimming pool or spa enclosure can be manuactured to your own specfication.

Fixed swimming pool and telescopic enclosures in any roof shape or model.

Swimming pool and spa enclosures custom made.

Please do not hesitate to contact us; We hope we can provide you with an enclosure to cover your outdoor pool and create a strong relationship between customer and client.

Your swimming pool or spa enclosure will be:
- designed to compliment your garden and the pool area. Easily achievable due to our vast range of roof shapes, colours, opening options and designs. Each individual choice given enabling you to have a pool or spa enclosure to suit your own application.
- durable thanks to its exceptional quality
- Easy to use, especially thanks to its telescopic system which enables an effortless central opening or total opening.

You will appreciate the advantages of an Algarve Aqua Telescopic swimming pool or spa cover:
- 10 year warranty on the aluminium frame. Your swimming pool and/or spa will be secured and its access will be under your control - all doors come with keys for complete security;
- enjoy extended swimming: you can keep your swimming pool enclosure entirely closed, partially opened or fully open depending on the weather and season, thanks to the swimming pool enclosure, the temperature of the water will be about 10°C higher than without: this will enable longer use of the pool. Should you heat up the pool, you will certainly enjoy the whole year in your pool;
- your swimming pool enclosure will protect your swimming pool from outside dirt and debris.

You will appreciate the time saved on cleaning the swimming pool and the reduction of chemicals you will need to use. Who really wants to clean their pool before a swim? Do you really want to waste chemicals and heating using an outdoor pool?

PAC Company


PAC was founded in 1987 and since the beginning users and our partners, such as swimming pool professionals, have known the company under the brand name of VENUS INTERNATIONAL in France, Spain, Portugal and AQUA TELESCOPIC ENCLOSURES in all other countries.

In France and abroad, the company is recognised for its top quality range of swimming pool and spa enclosures. It was the first company to offer swimming pool and spa enclosures with side panels in toughened safety glass..

more information about PAC Company

Would you like an Idea on price for a pool or spa enclosure?

You have a pool or spa and want to know a budget price for your project.

Prix Weighing shelter piscine It allows you online to get an idea of price for a pool enclosure. The link below will guide you through another VENUS site, and it will, step by step, give you an idea of the price for a pool enclosure that you are considering.

For a price to cover your pool enclosure we need to know:-
- The pool enclosure type that you want (fixed or telescopic)
- Dimensions (length, width, height)
- Its shape in a sectional view (2, 3, 4, 5 ... angles)
- And all options (colors, doors, engine ...)

- And of course depending on the size of your pool!