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Low 2 angle IRIS - Flat enclosure

A new Aqua Telescopic enclosure-A low 2 angle " flat enclosure"

Low 2 angle “flat enclosure”We recently launched and its is now in production a NEW low level swimming pool enclosure. It is a flat enclosure with 2 angles and sloping side panels. This swimming pool enclosure has a very competitive price and offers full protection of your pool together with an attractive design.

It will obviously have the main specifications of the ALGARVE AQUA TELESCOPIC swimming pool enclosure:
- side panels are in toughened safety glass, which gives a clear view of your pool through the sloping panels,
- highly efficient guiding system,
- perfect finish,
- choice of colours in the RAL range,
- and made to measure option.

Iris 2 angle-Its advantages illustrated...

With its flowing lines and smooth surfaces, this flat pool enclosure has a truly innovative design.

The advantages of this flat pool enclosure:

Abri piscine plat VENUS ultra bas
L'The low 2 angle IRIS pool enclosure is ultra low cover. Comparable to a low level safety cover however, it has a slight slope on the roof to properly drain away rainwater and prevent water laying on its roof.

Abri plat pour piscine
The presence of large sheets of toughened safety glass provides a nice flat clear enclosure. The view overlooking the pool is perfect for swimming..

Despite its low height, the ultra low 2 ANGLE IRIS shape enjoys a sliding side door. The configuration of the door allows easy access to the pool when the enclosure is covering it..

Ultra Low telescopic aluminium pool enclosure
A beautiful discreet cover, the Iris 2 angle low cover is meant to be simple and easy to handle. Boasting the latest technology, it takes advantage of a sharp telescoping movement to cover or uncover the pool in minutes.

telescopic pool shelter with flat lift up front end
To access the pool, this pool cover is flat and ultra low and is equipped with a lift up front. The enclosure is easy to use, avoids obstacles when folding away to the end of the pool. With perfect security for this flat lockable pool enclosure. It is certified to NF P 90-309 Safety pools by the National Testing Laboratory.

Abri piscine plat dans l’esprit Abrisud
The 6060 T6 aluminum alloy, toughened safety glass and polycarbonate are the main components of the ultra low Iris. Sharp in design, yet its flat telescopic shape offers the latest in technology.

Side door on removable pool enclosure flat

Side door on removable pool enclosure flat

The presence of the sliding side door positioned in a corner of the enclosure suggests interesting opportunities for access. As with all our range of pool enclosures the covers are all fitted with door locks.

View over pool enclosure - flat and transparent
The advantage of the ULTRA low enclosure is undeniably its transparent toughened safety glass aging better than synthetic glazing and will retain less condensation.

pool enclosure low and flat VENUS
Given its low height, a flat IRIS pool cover is discreet. You can clearly look over this ultra low cover and enjoy the view without the slightest obsticle. Side fixings allow a secure pool cover if you are away, putting safety into your garden.

NEW : Ultra Low Enclosure NOVEBA

Discover our new concept of a low telescopic pool enclosure with lateral louvers ...

NEW NOVEBA 2014 !AQUA Telescopic is pleased to present its new very low telescopic pool enclosure NOVEBA. Extremely quiet and easy to handle, NOVEBA : the best cover for your pool.

Boasting the latest technological innovations, it features side aluminum profiles that can rotate independently to ensure excellent ventilation inside the enclosure. The enclosure is manufactured in a Grey RAL 7046 satin colour, which blends easily into the environment.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and take advantage of our introductory offer!

- Main structure in Qualicoat & Qualimarine powder coated Aluminium.
- Standard colour in grey RAL 7046 satin
- 10mm Polycarbonate roof, Twin Wall and UV stabilised inside and out.
- Exterior front and rear in 4mm PMMA thick Perspex
- Guidance from one element to another with a patented ball bearing
- Wheels 96 mm mounted on stainless steel clevis and ball bearings
- Pivoting shutters on the side of all elements except for the smaller walls.

Optional Extras,
- The large façade may be removed in two parts.
- The roof of the enclosure can be a transparent material (compact UV protected polycarbonate).

First picture shows Open vents.
Noveba - Shows side window opened
Second picture shows vents closed.
Noveba window is closed