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Low Aqua Telescopic enclosures

A range of different shapes, opening options and competative prices!

Aqua Telescopic enclosures low swimming pool enclosure
The factory who manufacturer the enclosures for us have developed various shapes of low swimming pool enclosures to suit all tastes:

- A 3 angle and 5 angles just like the full height swimming pool enclosures,

- A specific shape for the low enclosures, with a very tilted first panel (Iris low swimming pool enclosure), which gives a perfect view of the pool.

If you prefer to have a rather discreet structure, which is not possible with a full height swimming pool enclosure, our retractable low swimming pool enclosure is what you may prefer. The price will also be lower.

Our retractable low swimming pool enclosures offer most of the advantages of the full height swimming pool enclosures, such as safety, extended use, lower maintenance and heat retention… .

The retractable low ALGARVE AQUA TELESCOPIC swimming pool enclosures are of comparable specification to the high and medium-size swimming pool enclosures:
- retractable swimming pool enclosures
- side panels in toughened safety glass
- roof with 10mm thick polycarbonate - other thickness available
- high performance retractable system
- colour choices from the RAL range
- Made to measure dimensions for each project

Do not hesitate to contact the team at AQUA Telescopic and take advantage of our expertise!

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Low pool enclosure Aqua Telescopic : the choice and quality!

Low telescopic pool enclosure, shelter bottom pool with or without ground rail, low Abri pool with glass sides for the best view of the pool, pool shed low with many patents, including for easy opening.

The Aqua Telescopic team has developed various forms of shelter pool below:

- 7 low pool enclosure angles, canted to pool large or when the elegant aesthetics of this building is the selection criterion

- 5 low pool enclosure angles canted or Olympia . The cover pool 5 low angles are generally chosen for its beautiful transparency on hand, thanks to tempered safety glass. The shelter low angles pool 5 Olympia , quant' him being often a very particular aesthetic solution to cover large pools

- The low pool enclosure 3 angles we disclaim including two forms:

* Free pool bottom three angles Aqua Telescopic with its highly efficient guidance system thanks to its almost vertical feet ( like all shelters Venus )
* Free pool bottom 3 angles Iris with inclined sides , but by this very harmonious construction ( diving and direct views of the pool ) has a system of simplified compared telescopy safe Venus: so it requires more attention when opening a shelter Venus . Often the premium and aesthetics to match aesthetics and ease of opening , our customer chose this low pool enclosure Iris and endows some ground rails .

- 2 low pool enclosure angles ( IRIS our shelter that is almost flat)
- Pool enclosure ultra low angle ULTIMA 1 ( New 2013) with its sides with side voletes ventilation .

The low pool shelter responds to the desire of having a pool cover not too imposing.

Each shelter bottom pool provides the majority of the benefits of a high pool shelter, such as security , the duration of swimming, natural water heating , reducing the maintenance of your pond ...

Each shelter has a low pool comparable to our shelter pool intermediate or high features:

- Low pool shelter Telescopic , with total and central opening standard ,
- Quoted tempered safety glass
- Polycarbonate roofing foam thickness 10 mm,
- RAL color ,
- Custom manufacturing dimensions designed for your project.

Emphasize that none of our shelters has low arched roof in order to minimize the risk of breakage or perforation of the polycarbonate roof by hail.

A video - Shows the telescopic pool enclsoure being opened

The video below demonstrates opening a low IRIS pool enclosure. In order to make the elements move easier, some elements have been placed on rails. The rail is hidden beneath the base rail of the pool enclosure so it is concealed and not visible.