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Low shelters inclined faces 'Discret"

Pool enclosures:
. assembled by 3 or 5 angles arch (Olympia)
. Telescopic, with or without ground rail
. as transparent tempered glass sides,
. simple and modern design.

Model presented above: Venus 3 angles 'discreet'.

Because of its low height and clean lines, this shelter remains discreet and maintains the view of the entire garden.

The side walls in a single pan, give excellent transparency.

You can add roof angles, this for aesthetic reasons or size pool cover. This gives a safe Olympia 5 angles faceted roof.

The advantages of The Low Level IRIS 3 Angle Pool Enclosure

The Discreet Low Level Iris Pool Enclosure

The advantages of this pool enclosure are:

It has clear transparent glazed sides

3 Low Angles shape : with a transparent roof, offering a breathtaking view of the pool inside.

Low pool enclosure garage style door

The Iris 3 angle low enclosure can be supplied with a front garage style door permitting you to swim under the elements of the enclosure: you need not remove the cover, just swim inside! The cover shown is RAL 6005 green.

Large access for a low pool enclosure.

The 3 angle low pool enclosure is practical : enjoy a daily swim using the side door without the need to bend down (opens up half the width of the enclosure)- plenty of headroom is given for accessing the pool).

The elegent low pool enclosure.

The low 3 angle pool enclosure is elegant : it shows! shown in the brown RAL colour 8017 , this low pool enclosure will fit perfectly in any garden.

The latest technology in this low level design.
The low 3 angle pool enclosure is technically strong : it will give you many years of enjoyment! It is shown in white RAL colour 9010. The enclosure has 2 hinged panels that allow you to use the entire pool, even if there is not enough space at the end of pool to completely push it away from the pool.


Low modern Iris Enclosure

The low 3 angle pool enclosure is modern : simple in style, aesthetically pleasing to look at, which is highlighted by the side glazing that retain little condensation. It is a pleasure to look at!

The technical specification of the Low Pool Enclosure.

The low Olympia pool enclosure with 3 angles: with polycarbonte roof is soft in shape. A generous sliding side door provides direct access to the pool.

The low level pool enclosure - open air.

Trendy colour to suit all tastes. The simple and sleek design of our low pool enclosure is priced competitively here in trendy grey.

The low enclosure is available in larger spans.

The low 5 angle Olympia enclosure can be manufactured with larger spans to suit larger domestic pools. . Shown in pale green, it blends pleasantly with the building.

Low Ivory Iris Enclosure

The low 3 angle pool enclosure . Shown in ivory in RAL colour 1015, it does not obscure the view: the eye passes over it. In summer it will fold back with ease (there is a small window in the front for added ventilation)

The Low discreet Pool Enclosure.

The 3 angle pool cover is elegant and discreet . Shown in RAL colour 6005 green, it does not osbscure the view: the eye passes over it. In summer it will fold back off the pool (a side door is installed on the largest element to access the steps.)

This low enclosure would also fit an above ground pool.

The 3 angle low pool enclosure can be adapted perfectly to suit an above ground pool . Shown in RAL colour 9010 white with a side door, it protects the pool and will warm the pool up perfectly.

This low Brown pool enclosure with outstanding design.

A low 3 angle pool enclosure is shown here in brown and has a side door, it is sturdy and stylish. Your pool covered with this enclosure will naturally heat by at least 10 degrees!

The enclosure in Ivory is very discreet /><br /><br /><br />The 3 angle low pool enclosure is shown here, demonstrating its discretion <strong> </ strong> and sleek style. Shown in the ivory RAL colour 1015 it has a front door which protects the pool and gives access ready for your swim: the water will always be clean and warm with this enclosure over the top!<br /><br /><br /><br /><img src=

The low 3 angle pool enclosure shown in this picture has the standard central opening in addition to a totally open pool: this is a very nice addition to the enclosure. In a few minutes, you will have 80% of your pool openair - leaving the enclosure stacked at both ends: it is especially nice when there is little wind and safety is not an issue.

Low Ivory pool enclosure with a wide lift up window

The low 3 angle pool enclosure is shown with a pivoting window to give a wider pool for open swimming. Nothing is to be removed: it just rotates and pushes back!

Low adaptable pool enclosure

The 3 angle low pool enclosure is adaptable . Look closely at the photo and you will see that on the right side of the small element is shortened, this was to keep the passage outside the enclosure, along the house. Send us your ideas, we will be pleased to manufacture them!

<img src=

The side access of the low 3 angle enclosure is simple. The door is carefully installed to the side of the pool steps allowing direct access to the pool. The standard doors measure 2500mm.

The Low Olympia 5 Angle: Scope rassurante

Made from our ​​CP2 profile, this low enclosure is prestigious with each profile plinth holding four wheels on two lower plynth, the profiles are extremely robust, round and finished smoothly not to retain any dirt.

NEW : Ultra Low Enclosure NOVEBA

Discover our new concept of a low telescopic pool enclosure with lateral louvers ...

NEW NOVEBA 2014 !AQUA Telescopic is pleased to present its new very low telescopic pool enclosure NOVEBA. Extremely quiet and easy to handle, NOVEBA : the best cover for your pool.

Boasting the latest technological innovations, it features side aluminum profiles that can rotate independently to ensure excellent ventilation inside the enclosure. The enclosure is manufactured in a Grey RAL 7046 satin colour, which blends easily into the environment.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and take advantage of our introductory offer!

- Main structure in Qualicoat & Qualimarine powder coated Aluminium.
- Standard colour in grey RAL 7046 satin
- 10mm Polycarbonate roof, Twin Wall and UV stabilised inside and out.
- Exterior front and rear in 4mm PMMA thick Perspex
- Guidance from one element to another with a patented ball bearing
- Wheels 96 mm mounted on stainless steel clevis and ball bearings
- Pivoting shutters on the side of all elements except for the smaller walls.

Optional Extras,
- The large façade may be removed in two parts.
- The roof of the enclosure can be a transparent material (compact UV protected polycarbonate).

First picture shows Open vents.
Noveba - Shows side window opened
Second picture shows vents closed.
Noveba window is closed