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Low pool enclosures 5 angles

Low shelter canted 'Arcadia'

The aesthetic perspective and livability up with this low pool shelter made ​​with tempered glass sides,
. assembled by 5 or 7 angles arch
. Telescopic, with or without ground rail
. as transparent tempered glass sides,
. with a traditional aesthetic and neat.

Laterally, the cut sides offer an amazing unobstructed view of the water .

Although a low shelter, shelter habitability allows still sitting on the edge of the pool when the cover is made ​​: thus allowing to rest during swimming with indoor pool.

Positioning a side door to the vertical stairs to the pool allows direct access to the water , even if the cover pool is deployed. It will certainly be possible, through the side door to get into the pool without stooping .

The Venus team is able to make doors that measure 2500 mm of total developed and several sections and on a low enclosure 5 angles generally a side door 3 panels will be chosen , and it projects above the basin , generally allowing access to the pool without stooping . It is also possible to place the door on an intermediate member without that this gene of the immune system telescopic pool .

Like all VENUS shelters , it is possible to choose your pool safe low angles with 5 glass roof , as in photo illustration , for greater transparency .

When the scope to cover is important when looking for a form or basket handle , angles roof will be added ( 7 Venus angles below).

Low shelter canted 'Ondine'

Elegance, perpective for this low telescopic pool enclosure, equipped with tempered glass side windows.
. Assembled by 5 angles arch
. Plunger with or without ground rail
. Beautiful and fresh aesthetic with its angled feet ..

The Advantages of the 5 Angle low Pool Enclosure

For its strength, its adaptability and look, this is the most popular low enclosure!

Some pictures showing the strength of our low level pool enclosures: look at the pictures and judge for yourself!

A White 5 angle Pool Enclosure

The 5 Angle Pool Enclosure perfectly suits this pool. The clean look of this white cover, looks perfect over this heated pool.

Low pool enclosure with 5 angles in burgundy

The low pool enclosure can be in any colour of your choice. In this Red/Purple colour, it can create the most beautiful effect in your garden .

The 7 angle Low pool enclosure in Ivory

The low pool enclosure can be manufactured in larger spans . Shown in RAL colour ivory 1015, it blends perfectly with the landscaped surroundings.

The white 5 angle Ondine

The low pool enclosure can have sides slightly inclined: it is then called the Ondine . This internal view shows the enclosure in white RAL colour.

The exterior picture shows the Ondine 5 angle low enclosure in white

This is the same enclosure as above but the outside view. The legs are slightly angled .

The exterior of a White 7 angle pool enclosure: with large door

This enclosure has additional roof angles which soften the look of this enclosure. This large enclosure is shown in RAL colour Brown 8017.

The rear view of a 5 angle low pool enclosure

The low pool enclosure is made with great strength . The quality of the angles and its assembly is highlighted in this photo.

The low 7 angle Ivory enclosure

The low pool enclosure can be achieved with seven angles: the roof is divided into four panes . This brings a softness to the whole building. This picture shows the enclosure made in our CP2 profile. The bottom rail of the elements have four wheels which are positioned in two lines: making the rolling movement excellent. Without ground rails along the floor of this enclosure the interlocking system keeps it perfectly in line. We installed concrete pads for the ground fixings.

A 5 angle pool enclosure with centre opening

Central opening with two fixed ends . With no floor track to encumber the surround. This helps to keep the area around the pool clean: rails installed have the annoying ability to retain dust, leaves and other debris. Thats why our enclosures are designed not to require them! With our special patented guiding mechanism our enclosures require no ground rails or tracks givings you maximum space around your pool when the enclosure is open.

The side view of a 5 angle low pool enclosure in green RAL colour 6005

The low pool enclosure is elegantly chosen in green RAL colour 6005 to blend into the surrounding landscape. This enclosure is motorised giving the customer a little added luxury.

The 5 angle low pool enclosure in RAL colour white 9010

The low pool enclosure is totally transparent and breathtaking in toughened safety glass!

The 5 angle Low pool enclosure in modern white.

The low pool enclosure is a truly modern look : the shape, enhanced by its neat and rounded profiles are easily appealling.

Side access to a low 5 angle pool enclosure.

The side door on the low pool enclosure is wide : totalling 2800 mm , allowing direct access for swimming. A glossy black colour was chosen for this enclosure giving it a neat and modern twist.A side view of this low 5 angle pool enclosure in white

You must admire the finish shown in this side view of our pool enclosure! Again, the glass gives total transparency to through the sides highlighting the inviting water.

The colour is an important choice when deciding on a pool enclosure.  Blending into the surrounding landscape and your home needs to be paramount. < br / >
The choice of colour is important and was selected in RAL 6005 green, which reveals her strength yet remaining discreet to the surroundings.

The brown colour of this pool enclosure helps to intigrate the enclosure < br / >
The brown RAL colour 8017 of this pool enclosure easy integrate into the surroundings: This pool enclosure and sunroom will enhance the bottom of the garden in the summer, its colour blending in beautifully.

The low pool enclosure with sliding end panel Venus

Opening a low pool enclosure is very fast shoing the smallest element is slid open in seconds. The patented method can be installed on larger of smaller models, still without tracks. The enclosure is designed to compliment both your home and garden.

A low pool enclosure on decking in white

This pool enclosure is installed on a decked area with strong fixings specially for decked areas. The enclosure which is positioned next to the house is very low , however, and fortunately, the glass sides help keep the view of the beautifully blue swimming pool in view. This idyllic view is possible because the toughened safety glass will retain less condensation than plastic glazing.

A light grey Pool enclosure

This pool enclosure is grey . The modern grey colour gives a modern and minimalist look.

The low ivory pool enclosure

The pool is beautiful and always looks blue with the low enclosure over the top for protection . The water will naturally warm up between 6 to 12 depending on the size of pool and its location in your garden!

Low black pool enclosure

The 5 angle low pool enclosure shown in black on a decked area inspires confidence ! More wheels have been installed on each plinth for a better rolling action. Each wheel is 120 mm in diameter.

Side view of a low Ivory pool enclosure

The finishing of our 5 angle low enclosure is unmatched : the factory have put all their experience and know-how into creating this enclosure.

The side view of a low 5 angle white pool enclosure

The 5 angle low enclosure in RAL colour white 9010 is more practical with a side door allowing easy access to the pool.
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The enclosures shown is strong to protect it from its location. The roof and special patented safety brackets for the surround make this a truly exceptionally strong enclosure. You can request above normal strength fixings if your pool is located in a vulnerable position: we have a wide range of profiles that suit most locations!

The low enclosure with red trim

The pool enclosure can be personalised < / strong> shown in this picture: the profiles are in ivory, while finishing strips (all in aluminum) were chosen in orange.

The low enclosure shown in red

Stacked at the end of the pool: The enclosure remains elegant even when a different colour from our standard colour range is preferred. With our patented telescoping action, all elements are aligned reducing the footprint of the enclosure when closed.

The low white pool enclosure looks strong and secure words that easily describe this low enclosure.

The rear view of a low pool enclosure

The pool enclosure is technical . Here, a hinged end facade was installed on the largest element to allow swimming in the pool: instead of wanting to completely push the pool enclosure away from the pool in the summer. This convenient rotating window gives ventilation, easy access and makes it convenient: there is nothing to remove: just simply rotate the window!