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Our ONDINE swimming pool cover can be easily opened

A patented guiding mechanism, unique to our enclosures allows us to offer a swimming pool cover which can be opened how you want. The easy manual system or a motorized opening version, both options are without tracks in the ground with all standard enclosures.
The dimensions of the elements on standard swimming pool covers permit each section to slide inside the next. With this, the surface covered by the enclosure can be opened as little or as much as the customer wishes.
- either in moving some elements to one end and some elements to the other end: this is what we call a central opening.
swimming pool 
enclosure central opening

- either in moving all elements to one end to get a total opening of the swimming pool cover. The facade of the smallest element can be tiltable or with a garage door/elevated end. This is ideal if you have a ladder or diving board you wish to incorporate within the pool area - a tilting end will clear any obstacle.
swimming pool enclosure 
entire opening

Patented anchoring system linking the sections

It allows our standard enclosures to be opened easily without the use of tools or any special optional extra to unlink 2 elements so they can move as indicated below you will then have a central opening.
swimming pool enclosure 
central opening