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For Summit Leisure The Algarve Aqua Telescoipc Pool and Spa Enclosures are all about providing quality and innovation to our customers.

When you have a look at an Algarve Aqua Telescopic Swimming Pool Cover, our willingness to reach perfect quality and to keep up on innovation is obvious.

The organisation put in place to aim for a high quality product based on information developed by our engineers for our own requirements shows in the end product.

For example:
- In-house trained engineers are used to install each enclosure.
- Drawings of each enclosure detailing the swimming pool or spa cover are produced with every enquiry. On final confirmation from the customer these same drawings are then used as instruction to the factory when manufacturing.
- Each stage of production is detailed; This is necessary in order to provide a step by step schedule for each stage of production.
- Many of the swimming pool covers are fully mounted in the factory taking up a huge area of the factory floor before delivery. Due to the increased factory size these can be accommodated easily.br /> - Final checks are made of every swimming pool and spa cover before leaving the factory. A comprehensive check list detailing the enclosures full specification is examined before leaving. It takes into account both functionality at various levels and finish.
- The working conditions and tools are surveyed on a regular basis so each employee enjoys the best work conditions and machinery maintained at all times.
- Special attention is paid to safety.
- Investments are dedicated to training, staff security, improvements to quality of the manufactured goods (cuttings precision and quality, working process, assembling and finish, profile strength…) and costs reduction. We keep in mind that everything has to be done for good working conditions and excellent competition.
- Manufacturing and installation operations are managed and achieved by the factory or the manufacturers of the products used; no operation is sub-contracted. Call us on 01264 850001 today!