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The guiding system of the Algarve Aqua telescopic pool enclosures

The special patented guiding mechanism

Our ALGARVE AQUA TELESCOPIC SWIMMING POOL ENCLOSURES are fitted with a patented telescopic system..

guiding system - The guiding system is integrated in the bottom plinths (marine grade thermo painted aluminum profiles);
- Each plinth has two tracks which encase two sets of guiding wheels; each one being independent of each of the next two modules; these wheels are in stainless steel and are mounted on waterproof stainless steel ball bearings.

This system gives a double guiding to the moving element.

This system will enable you to move the elements of your swimming pool enclosure on your own.

You may need some help, a child for example, to make sure the synchronisation is fine on each side when moving the elements. The elements will then move smoothly and anchoring in the ground easier and faster.

Alternatively, the swimming pool enclosures from our range other than ALGARVE AQUA TELESCOPIC ENCLOSURES, i.e. The Estival and Iris swimming pool enclosures are equipped with a guiding system slightly less sophisticated. The only purpose of this choice is to ensure that you get the best price possible.

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