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Do not hesitate to contact the team at AQUA Telescopic and take advantage of our expertise!

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Made to Measure Pool and Spa Enclosure.

We can tailor make and enclosure for your pool or spa to suit its environment.

All our VENUS pool enclosures are custom made and most are standard shapes and designs.

If your environment requires it, we can produce a fully customized pool enclosure with some changes in the essential design. For example the adaptations below are some suggestions to your pool enclosure:

- A walk way/connection between your pool and your home;
- A fixed part of the cover and the other sections moveable;
- Part of the pool enclosure supported by a wall, the other part on the ground - on two sides;
- Concertina doors;
- A partial facade of the existing connection;
- A longer side than the other,

Do not hesitate to contact us, we can design and custom build your enclosure to suit your pool and its proximity in your garden! just ask!

A telescopic Enclosure between two walls.

Our clients have incredible and beautiful ideas.
We have technical know-how and experience.
Here are some photographs of recent telescopic enclosures between walls.
Many are motorised...

These enclosures are built around existing walls!

Abri pool motorized wall blanc

This telescopic VENUS low enclosure was installed on beams , safe and fully retractable with motors to open and close in a few minutes with a 220 V motor which is very powerful.

Abri black pool otomrisé Wall jumelé

A waterproof enclosure with concrete beams ! This VENUS telescopic enclosure was installed on concrete beams , fully motorized telescopic enclosure which opens and closes in a few moments. The engine we installed is battery powered by 220V volts. To create the maxiumum seal, our client has made watertight concrete beams, covered before and after the installation with a waterproof sealant/resin.

Abri black pool wall Motorized jumelé

Here is an the exterior view of a futuristic and modern enclosure above. It was a shame that the pool was empty at the time of the photo shoot!

Abri pool wall Motorisé

An enclosure against a wall! Here's another achievement of VENUS a motorized enclosure, which opens and closes in a blink of an eye, below the living space is suitable for swimming . Again, the rails were particularly important when achieving a water tight creation of the rolling system which was made ​​of an aluminum sheet of 4 mm .

Abri pool bottom and walls 5 angles blanc

Enclosure beams! This low Olympia VENUS telescopic enclosure with a soft roof with 4 facets is very technical: indeed, although the enclosure is relatively long, the size of horizontal bars are approximately 25 cm. The shelter has double elements and is a diabolo shape. A boom system was installed to allow opening.

Abri pool bottom walls 5 angles and white view extérieure

This photo shows the Exterior View of the enclosure above.

Abri pool bottom walls 5 angles and blue for extérieure

This picture illustrates the wonderful appearance a bespoke VENUS enclosure can achieve? Here the roof is in safety glass. This telescopic beam enclosure is in harmony with the beauty and elegance of the interior spaces created by our client.

Détail raceway for shelter poutre

The detail and exceptional finish of the telescopic enclosure beams in the above picture are enhanced by a motor for ease and technology.