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High pool enclosures 3 angles

High shelter pan upright or

High pool shelter:
. assembled by 3 or 5 angles arch (Olympia)
. Telescopic, with or without ground rail
. as transparent tempered glass sides,
. with an exceptional roominess,
. modern design.

High 3 Angle swimming pool enclosures - benefits shown

To create a high open space and transparency, this is the ideal enclosure!

The advantages of this pool enclosure are for example:

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The 3 angle pool enclosure above is as transparent : as it looks! There are larger sheets of glass on the sides which offer a wonderful view of the pool. Unlike plastic enclosures that can give a distorted side view, this enclosure is very nice, sturdy and crisp.

The 3 angle high pool enclosure is a modern swimming pool cover.

The 3 angle high pool enclosure is a living space totally dedicated for swimming, it will easily please even the most sceptical customer!

The height is generous and gives the enclosure plenty of open space inside.

The space in a high pool enclosure is exceptional as every inch is used to its optimum. With more elegance and modern lines...

The high 3 angle pool enclosure is a modern swimming pool enclosure.

When you have limited paving along the sides of the pool space is important inside the enclosure. This exceptional pool enclosure is comfortable at all times. In addition, its sleek aesthetic structure is reassuringly sharp.

EnglishSpanishArabicThe 5 angle high olympia pool extends

Joining this house, the Olympia 5 angle enclosure in brown becomes an extension of the home. Direct access from the living room to the pool is a pleasure at all times.

The 5 Angle high telescopic enclosure

The side view of this 5 angle Olmpia pool enclosure characterises the shape shape . Between the two facades are wide arches, with a centre opening. The colour shown is ivory.

The 5 angle high telescopic pool enclosure is a safe space to entertain.

The internal space of a Olympia 5 angle pool enclosure is exceptional . Although located very close to the pool (40 cm), the proud owners of this pool enclosure can still walk around their pool if they wish.

The 5 Angle Olympia

The 5 Angle Olympia in green protects the pool from leaves and helps keep the pool water clean and ready to use. We installed a large door (standard) 2.40m on the rear panel for easier access.

The 5 angle Olympia fits perfectly into the landscape and protect the pool surface.

The 5 angle olympia enclosure is in Brown RAL 8017 and protects the pool from falling leaves. Again, a large door (standard) 2.40m was installed on the rear panel for the best entry.

The modern 5 angle Olympia pool enclosure

The white 5 angle Olympia pool enclosure has a fresh and modern aesthetic look. The outstanding quality gives the owner a sense of security.

The 5 angle olympia enclosure blends easily into any garden space

The 5 angle olympia in Brown integrates into the landscape. A small window for added ventilation was installed on the main facade.

The 5 angle Olympia can be manufactured in any colour of your choice.
Abri 5A

The 5 Angle Olympia, like all enclosures is offered in any colour of your choice from the RAL range. . Near the orange construction, the enclosure blends in red to disquise its modern structure.

The 5 angle Olympia enclosure has a very soft arched roof shape.

The interior view of a 5 angle Olympia enclosure in white, with its roof composed of four glass sheets high, which gives a smooth look.

The 5 Angle Olympia pool enclosure fits perfectly in any garden

The 5 angle Olympia enclosure in green disappears into the landscape. Although large and robust profiles are prominent on this enclosure is stylish shape fits perfectly with the natural ambience of the garden here.

The 5 angle Olympia in ivory is beautiful

The Ivory 5 angle Olympia extends neatly over the pool. It is estimated that it would double the time you would swim (without additional heating of the pool, just from the greenhouse effect). If you have a pool heater, you will be able to swim (without heating the air) from March to October!

The 5 angle Olympia with a

The 5 angle Olympia enclosure, like all covers can be fitted with a garage style (up and over) door without a threshold to make the transition very easy. To install the door at the foot of steps would make entry more convenient. The door width of 2.4m is very attractive.

The 5 angle Olympia enclosure can cover wide areas

The 5 angle Olympia can cover wide areas . Shown here as a useful hall or reception hall for a wedding.

The 5 angle Olympia enclosure will cover large areas: shown here is an inside view

The 5 angle Olympia enclosure can cover large pools . The interior view is shown in this photo. The green colour is associated with the gentle shape of the Olympia enclosure.

The 3 angle pool enclosure is a customised pool enclosure.

The 3 angles of this pool enclosure are customised the angles : of half-spans give maximum verticals, small arched wooden look to blend with the old woodwork, a rotunda for added luxury!