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Pool Enclosures with intermediate height (so-called "mid-high" shelters)

The Intermediate Pool Enclosure: A natural evolution of the high pool enclosure for comfort, environment and optimized budget.

The intermediate VENUS Pool Enclosure could be the answer to your dreams having a good amount of room and most of the benefits of a full height enclosure, while keeping the appearance/height down and budget lower.

With our VENUS Pool Enclosure, you can enjoy your pool all year round, reduce maintenance and water treatment and enjoy a relaxing time near your pool enclosure.
Our intermediate pool enclosures provide various benefits of the high enclosure, such as safety, the extended use, water heating, reducing the cost of maintenance of your pool .... < br / >

VENUS intermediate telescopic pool enclosures have comparisons to our high pool enclosure characteristics :

- They are telescopic

- And of course, they have side panels in tempered safety glass, for better durability and greater transparency.
- Their roof is made ​​of 10mm thick polycarbonate,
- In addition and as with all VENUS shelter, their telescoping performance allows a standard central opening and the option to be totally open,
- As with the production of all our pool enclosures, the colour choice from our standard range of colours in stock are white, ivory, green and brown, other colours to choose from may be a slight additional charge - Of course, each production is tailored to the dimensions required by the project thanks to our highly automated production system.

The intermediate pool enclosure, if the maximum height does not exceed 1.80m, does not require planning permission over your pool if it is an existing pool or is part of your overall project.

1.80 m High Enclosure: A good compromise!

Abri intermediate pool enclosure- perfect  to enjoy the swimming pool

If choosing a pool or spa enclosure it must absolutely meet the needs of the specific user, it remains that in recent months, the type of enclosure can often dictated or be conditioned by the possibility of having to produce lots of paperwork.

Indeed, if the installation of a telescopic or fixed pool enclosure requires planning permission it could be that if certain criteria are adhered to that would preclude this requirement. For example, if the pool enclosure does not exceed 1.80 m high and your home is not listed, no planning may be necessary.

To help customers concerned that planning maybe required we can talk through all the options that may mean that planning would not be needed. We can also advise you when to take advantage of shorter delivery times, the SHELTER VENUS INTERNATIONAL offer is valid during our quieter period. A lower level enclosure could be an alternative to a full height building. A mid-height enclosure is more comfortable and equally functional, and much less expensive than full height pool enclosures, they have a sufficient height at the largest end allowing easy access to the pool when it is covered. If the pool enclosure covers part of the patio, it will present an undeniable advantage : you can enjoy the pool cover before and after swimming whatever the weather!

For information, we start from 15,000 euros for a pool of 7 x 3.50 m to finish at € 23 000 for a pool of 12 x 6 m.

Verre tempered used to pool cover and cover spa < img src = "/ logos/Abris_Piscine_Spa_Venus_Int5A_019.jpg " class = " left " alt = " tempered glass used to cover pool and spa cover " />