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3 Angle Medium Height Enclosure - Advantages illustrated

Open and functional pool enclosure.

A 3 angle medium height pool enclosure

The medium height pool enclosure with a 3 angle roof shown in white RAL colour 9010, is another option when enclosing your pool to extend your swimming season . This enclosure design was developed in 1999, the success of its concept comes from the combination of: a leisure area to sit at one end of the pool, extended use of the pool and budget.

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The pool enclosure with a 3 angle roof is discreet. We were anxious to preserve the aesthetics of our existing pool enclosures with this medium height pool cover. The 3 angle medium height cover is specially designed to have the maximum clear glazing on the sides. If the enclosure is not too high, we can, if you require, check the feasibility of no aluminium bars across the width giving greater transparency to look in or out.

The 3 Angle Brown medium height enclosure/> Bois

3 Angle Pool Enclosure with central opening

The pool enclosure with 3 angles is practical: like all telescopic pool enclosures, it offers the standard central opening . This is done in a few minutes and you can quickly clear the entire pool and swim instantly, if the weather permits!!

The inside view of a 3 angle enclosure in RAL colour ivory 1015: Shows the inviting blue water..

The 3 angle pool enclosure protects your pool from the elements. The blue water can be viewed from outside - inviting you for a swim.

A 3 angle pool enclosure in brown RAL 8017: totally transparent through the glass

The 3 angle medium pool enclosure is discreetly transparent . The side glazing can be in one piece if the enclosure is not too high offering a stunning view of the pool: What elegance! This picture shows the enclosure with elements measuring 1.80m high, taking up minimal space at the end of the pool when totally open.
Internal view of a 5 Angle Olympia green RAL 6005 enclosure: strength and quality

The 5 angle Olympia pool enclosure offers a soft roof shape consisting of four glazed panels.
3 Angle medium height pool enclosure : perfect for an above ground pool

The 3 angle medium height enclosure is perfect for an above ground pool. With almost vertical sides, it will clear the edges of the pool with its height. Protecting the pool from the elements and with practical aspects too! If you have limited paving surrounding your pool then this would be the enclosure to cover it...Giving you maximum head height.

3 Angle medium enclosure

The pool enclosure has 3 roof angles which is recognised for its ability to blend into its surroundings . The RAL 8017 colour in brown, shown how the colour can integrate into the surroundings - which is shown easily on this special heritage site.

The 5 angle Olympia in Brown has: strength, confidence and discretion

The 5 angles inspire confidence immediately with its bold profiles that exude a sense of strength. Selected here in brown it discreetly and elegantly integrates into the garden.

3 Angle enclosure in white: medium

The pool enclosure with 3 angles is modern . Here is a pool installed by Desjoyaux which has a door installed opposite the plant room, to keep within their budget!

Green 3 angle pool enclosure: gently blending in

The 3 angle pool enclosure is distinct . This shows an enclosure installed on a pool with novelty steps, this sleek pool enclosure protects the pool by using the door safety lock, like all the enclosures, this novel locking device gives ventilation and guarantees safety.

img src="http://www.abripiscine.com/images/AbriInt/3A/Int5AOlympiaVueCoteIvoire.jpg" class="gauche" alt="The intermediate 5 Angle VENUS Olympia pool enclosure in ivory - side view and block filtration" />

The intermediate 5 angle Olympia swimming pool enclosure by VENUS has sides in safety glass which is incredibly clear: no more a problem with the enclosure - I cannot see the pool! With glass sides, there is much less condensation than with plastic glazing (some call eg synthetic glass!

The intermediate VENUS pool enclosure with 3 angles in white with roman steps. /><br /><br />The pool is always ready <strong> to use </ strong> with this VENUS pool enclosure! A small door for ventilation was installed at the end of the pool and access to the roman steps creates a touch of romance to this traditional swimming pool.<br /><br /><br /><img src=

The colour of your pool enclosure plays an important role in terms of integration in the garden . Here the green 6005 colour was chose, which is a standard for VENUS, the blending in of this pool enclosure fits perfectly with the greenery.

Mid-height pool enclosure or INTERMEDIATE 3 angle Enclosure DISCREET

Sleek styling for your home and outstanding comfort with high-medium 3 angle Aqua telescopic enclosures.

With its simple shape and its average height, this shelter remains discreet and fits well across the garden.

Its side panels of tempered safety glass provide excellent views into the pool water.

The highest part of the pool enclosure provides all the comforts of a full height enclosure, allowing you to stand, to get changed into your swimming clothes and enter in comfort.

If the width of the pool is important to cover or a certain width is required for another reasons, we can put in extra roof angles; the swimming pool enclosure is then called a intermediate 5 angle Olympia - the wider the span the more angles will be incorporated for strength.