Practical Guide

How much does an enclosure cost?

Abridéal enclosures estimated prices

Cost is an important factor when deciding which enclosure to install. Therefore, we’ve provided the estimated cost of each type below. We also offer financing solutions with or without deposit. Feel free to request a personalised quote by filling in one of our contact forms.


Low level pool enclosure: from 12,900 €

Discover our low-level models : NovebaIrisArcadiaDiscret

Medium level pool enclosure: from 18,700 €

Discover our medium level models :  Discret – ArcadiaOndine

High level pool enclosure: from 25,600 €

Discover our high-level models :  Maestro – DiscretArcadiaOndine

Wall-mounted pool enclosure: from 27,300 €

Discover our wall-mounted models:  VisiopoolToiturePente Inversée – MaestroDiscretArcadia

Visio pool enclosure: from 29,000 €

Discover our Visio models :  VisiopoolVisiospa


* Estimated price for an 8mx4m pool