Practical Guide

Why install a high-level enclosure?

Are you looking to transform your swimming pool into a luxurious leisure space? With a high-level enclosure, you can enjoy supreme comfort and make the most of your pool. Discover the benefits of a high-level enclosure.

Swim all year round

The “residential” high level enclosure par excellence provides high amounts of space with maximum heights ranging from 2 to 3 metres. Its spaciousness allows users to move freely around the pool and create a luxurious living space.

When the swimming pool is heated, it can be considered an indoor pool that can be used even in midwinter ! The extremely versatile telescopic models can be fully or partially retracted during the summer months.

Extra living space

Whether free-standing or adjoined to your house, the high-level enclosure creates an extra living area for your home. The free space surrounding the pool can be used however you wish, for example as a relaxation area complete with furniture, a wellness area (spa, hammam) or a living/leisure area for all the family.

When the enclosure is adjoined to a house, it provides direct pool access and can act as a natural extension to your living room.

Swim come rain or shine

By sheltering the pool, the enclosure allows users to swim without needing to worry about temperamental weather conditions. The enclosure acts as a greenhouse, trapping the heat inside creating ideal swimming conditions even late into the evening.

Aesthetic Appeal and Versatility

With its glass walls, the Vénus high level enclosure has all the aesthetic appeal of a conservatory whilst being able to open and close to suit the weather and season.