Message from the Chairman

Frédéric Marmande presents the company and Abridéal know-how

Message from the Chairman

Frédéric Marmande, Chairman Abridéal

“Dear future clients,

Ever since the company was founded, Abridéal has been offering its customers premium quality, luxury enclosures made of tempered safety glass.

This type of glass provides unmatched levels of transparency that doesn’t fade over time. Its unique designs have been attracting customers from Europe and across the globe, and the company has an in-house R&D department equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

The CE certified manufacturing process meets all the highest levels of standards.

By choosing an Abridéal enclosure, you are choosing a team of experts with over thirty years of experience, who will support you from start to finish.projet.

Installing our enclosures lets you use your pool more often by keeping the water warm and clean at all times. With maximum levels of safety and minimum levels of maintenance, you and your family can fully enjoy the pleasures of bathing and swimming with a covered pool.

The larger and more sophisticated your enclosure design is, the more it will require expert knowledge from a specialised company.

Abridéal enclosures are renowned for their quality and durability, guaranteed to last for numerous years.

So, with the support of our technical advisers, you now just need to customize your enclosure.

Get inspired by this catalogue which gives you an idea of the range of enclosures that we are capable of designing.

Don’t be shy, dive into our world.”

Frédéric Marmande

Chairman Abridéal