Abridéal has filed several patents to improve the technicality of its shelters.

Our patents

Innovation, research and development are three major and fundamental areas that Abridéal customers can be assured of. This strategy has led us to file numerous patents that we invite you to discover.

Assembly of profiles

Abridéal has designed and patented an assembly system for joining the profiles using aluminium alloy brackets. Using this method ensures high accuracy during the assembly and prevents the structure from deforming over time.

Auto-guided system

Our enclosures are guided by sealed stainless steel ball bearings built-in to each segment (boards with built-in wheels). It allows each segment to roll in a straight line without needed to be guided by ground rails.


With this unique and ingenious feature, individual segments can be detached easily without the need for any tools. This lets users create central openings in the structure.