Serie PRO Public swimming pool, Cyprus

Pool enclosure – Ginger Center, Chypre

This magnificent swimming pool was designed to be used by local schools to teach children how to swim. So that young and old alike can enjoy it all year round, it was essential to cover it. The impressive height of 5 metres gives the shelter a pleasant, light-filled space.

Despite its size, this majestic shelter remains remarkably manoeuvrable, as evidenced by its removable fronts. This makes it easy to adapt to different weather conditions and to the specific needs of each moment. As a result, this indoor swimming pool provides the perfect environment for aquatic activities, while allowing optimal, comfortable use, whatever the season.

Project detail
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Each project is treated with particular care. Our architects, members of our design office, are fully aware of the impact of each pool enclosure. They are committed to designing and modelling every detail meticulously. Every aspect, from dimensions and colours to openings and sliding systems, is fully customisable to meet your specific needs.

Thanks to this made-to-measure approach, Vénus pool enclosures fit in perfectly with your establishments, providing a unique, functional and aesthetically pleasing space for the pleasure and well-being of your customers.

Spectacular height

With an impressive height of 5 metres, this shelter offers a pleasant, light-filled space. Installed majestically in Cyprus, this shelter boasts remarkable manoeuvrability, thanks in particular to its removable fronts, which enable it to be adapted flexibly to suit requirements. This unique design offers a spacious, light-filled environment, providing an exceptional user experience while guaranteeing optimum practicality and functionality.


Thanks to its pool enclosure, which can be covered or uncovered depending on the weather conditions, this pool really stands out! Parents and children are delighted to be able to enjoy a pool in any season, thanks to the Vénus pool enclosure. This installation offers an exceptional experience, combining comfort and aquatic pleasure, making this aquatic space a favourite with everyone.


Technical details of this project

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Pool enclosure – Ginger Center, Chypre

Polycarbonate roof 10mm 1 clear cell

Thanks to its 10mm honeycomb roof, the enclosure effectively captures the sun's heat, which is then trapped to heat the pool water. This design optimises the use of solar energy, helping to maintain a pleasant water temperature while reducing the energy costs associated with heating the pool.

Tempered glass sides 4 mm clear

Thanks to its 4 mm toughened glass side panels, the walls of this enclosure are designed to effectively withstand strong winds and the most violent impacts. This protection ensures optimum safety while allowing an unobstructed view of the surrounding area, creating a pleasant space in which to enjoy the pool in complete peace of mind, whatever the weather conditions.

Polycarbonate facades With 4 sliding doors

With its honeycomb polycarbonate front and 4 sliding doors, this enclosure can accommodate a large number of people in the pool. The design provides a spacious area. Thanks to these features, visitors can enjoy the pool in comfort.

Your project in 5 steps
  1. We analyse your project and find you the solution best suited to your needs.
  2. Our experts will then take measurements of the site.
  3. Your enclosure will then be made at our workshop in St-Sulpice-sur-Lèze (31).
  4. Your enclosure is delivered and installed by our installation teams.
  5. Our enclosures come with a 10-year structural warranty with a 3-year warranty on the parts.